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Racial Equity and Expansion

Inclusion and equality are among DVCC’s core values. We are committed to providing services that are welcoming and affirming to individuals of all races, colors, religions, gender identities, gender expressions, ages, national origins, ethnicities, abilities, socio-economic levels, cultures, languages, and sexual orientations. As a trauma-informed organization, we acknowledge the trauma inflicted by racism, both individual and systemic, on domestic violence survivors and communities. This is often compounded with the trauma from experiencing domestic violence. DVCC strives to break down barriers associated with racial inequities and continues to work with survivors to understand and address how these factors may impact their healing process.  

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month










It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month, and we are proud to celebrate the diverse cultures, rich histories, and important contributions of the Hispanic community! This is an especially important month for us at DVCC as more than 30% of our clients identify as Hispanic, and more than half of our staff members are Hispanic. One of the priorities of our organization is to provide services that are welcoming and affirming to all people. Therefore, having staff members who are bilingual and understand the unique cultural dynamics of those we serve improves our ability to provide victimcentered, trauma-formed care

Domestic Violence and the Hispanic Community

This resource from the National Domestic Violence Hotline explains some of the unique cultural dynamics faced by members of the Hispanic community and how they can become barriers to accessing resources and support for domestic violence.


Additional resources 

Check out this YouTube video on the unique experience of members of the Afro-Latino community. 

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