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Safety Planning

It is important to have a plan to increase safety as violence can escalate. A victim cannot control his or her partner’s abusive behavior, but they can take steps to protect themselves and their children from harm. A safety plan is a personalized and practical plan that helps identify things a victim can do to better protect themselves and their children and to help reduce the risk of being hurt.

Safety plans can include:

  • Obtaining a new cell phone
  • Changing a routine
  • Changing locks and installing security systems
  • Determining ways to keep children safe
  • Creating a plan for where to go should an incident occur
  • Calling Domestic Violence Crisis Center

If a victim is planning to leave, here are some thing to consider:

  • Putting aside a bag with money, a change of clothes, identification, and medication.
  • Putting aside important documents like birth certificates and social security cards.

DVCC is here to help victims interested in developing a personalized safety plan. Leaving an abusive situation can be the most dangerous time. It is strongly encouraged that a victim gets professional help and support during this time.

Click the link below for tips on how to stay safe in different situations.
Domestic Violence Safety Planning Tips & Ideas

COVID-19 Safety Planning

Being confined to your home during COVID-19 can be extremely challenging for victims who live with their abuser. We have created this document to help victims with their safety planning. It lists ways victims can stay safe, both physically and emotionally, while in their home.

To download this document, click here.

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