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How men can help

Men play a critical role in preventing domestic violence. Here are some ways that men can model positive behaviors around healthy relationships and domestic violence prevention:    

  • Men can challenge other men who perpetuate acts of violence. Men and boys listen to their peers – we need to mobilize men and boys to talk to each other about respect for women and girls.   
  • Men can publicly speak and act to oppose domestic violence. Domestic violence needs to be approached as a men’s issue. Overwhelmingly, it is men who hurt women. However, men also suffer as victims of violence. Individuals of all gender identities are hurt as a result of violence. Violence prevention work to engage men and boys will make life safer for everyone.   
  • They can also challenge ideals and attitudes which support violence against women.  Men are not born violent. Work with men and boys can offer new models of masculinity and manhood which reject violence.   
  • Educate and engage men in developing mutually respectful, nonviolent relationships.   
  • Encourage men and boys to work as allies in the prevention of domestic violence.  Most men respect women and do not agree with violence against women.   
  • Become a volunteer at DVCC.

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