DVCC Mission

To provide effective services, support and education for the prevention and elimination of domestic violence across Connecticut and beyond.


DVCC has enjoyed two different 30-second public service announcement vignettes which have been running within the Altice (Optimum Cable) and Spectrum TV networks in Fairfield County, and neighboring viewing households. One spot is a woman’s monologue sharing, “I never thought I fit the profile of a domestic violence victim, but now I recognize I’m one of many.” The second feature highlights the quick fuse of a gay couple’s disconnect and resulting physicality. Both PSA’s reinforce DVCC’s website and hotline contact information for assistance and calls to action.

For Nearly 40 Years the Domestic Violence Crisis Center Has Advocated for Victims of Domestic Violence.

Our I-CARE values are paramount in nurturing INCLUSIVENESS among all clients, CREDIBILITY in our tested programs, ACCOUNTABILITY with outcomes-based practices, RESPECT toward all served, and EMPATHY for every inquiry and interaction.

Our approach to the new year will be no different, whether providing safehousing, legal advocacy, counseling, sustainability services or preventive education. DVCC’s team of staff, volunteers and community partners are committed to striving for new heights in fulfilling our mission.


In 2018 DVCC provided direct services to 3,789 individuals (unduplicated), and shared tools with an additional 17,715 students and youth groups to recognize best practices for healthy relationships and manage the challenges domestic violence presents.

We received 2,131 HOTLINE CALLS this calendar year.

71 volunteers provided 8,425 hours throughout the year to many disciplines including reading, tutoring and general play with children in the safehouses, weekly legal clinics, courthouse advocacy, financial education classes, computer training, resume building and interview prepping, planning committees, board leadership and the many hours of staging, fluffing and folding to create the winter wonderland shopping experience for the holiday bazaar, just to name a few.

In early January we took full residency in our newly acquired, 15 bed Stamford safehouse, making DVCC the largest provider of safehousing for victims of domestic violence in the state of CT.

Assisted CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV’s) leadership in realizing the passage of CT State Bill 466 on May 14, 2018, which mandates the identification of a primary aggressor for domestic violence arrests, thus reducing CT’s high percentage of dual arrests (DVCC cannot provide its services unless a clearly defined victim is determined).
DVCC launched the

Brave Wings Emergency Fund, designed to provide one time financial support to a DVCC client in our services that will measurably improve their extraordinary circumstances toward clearly emancipating her/him from their abuser.

This year’s Spring Luncheon engaged 447 guests with keynote speaker, Jackson Katz, global thought leader and expert on the role of men in preventing gender violence, and recognized Jennifer McNamara, chair of the Wilton Domestic Violence Task Force with the 2018 Voices of Courage Award. The signature fundraising event also generated the highest revenues in its 17-year history.

DVCC migrated to a new client management database, ETO.

In October we hosted the inaugural Domestic Violence Task Force Summit, convening task force and future task force members from our seven neighboring service communities to make introductions and share best practices as part of October’s DV Awareness month.

Also in October, DVCC’s 17-member Advisory Board met with the purpose of serving as an external strategic body to recommend solutions to challenges, and facilitate community connections to further the mission of the organization.

DVCC hosted the inaugural HarvestFest at the Fairfield County Hunt Club on November 3, and honored retiring board member Denise Mangano with the Kathy Kincaid “Putting Others First” Award for her many years of board and volunteer service. The event also kicked off DVCC’s annual appeal to help fund the organization’s comprehensive suite of programs.

Norwalk Mayor, Harry W. Rilling, announced that the Domestic Violence Crisis Center will receive proceeds from the 2019 Mayor’s Ball.

Launch of a newly designed website, www.DVCCCT.org, which will soon be mirrored in English and Spanish, EsperanzaCT.

2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar —In the spirit of helping clients “own” their family’s gifting, and thanks to the generosity of many community partners and friends, we invited DVCC clients to “shop” for the holidays, where we distributed gifts to nearly 400 adults and children.

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