All DVCC services are free of charge and confidential. We offer court and legal services, individual and group counseling, services for children, temporary shelter, housing help, financial help, educational help,  medical help, and PeaceWorks for education and prevention.


PeaceWorks is a DVCC education project for the prevention of domestic violence. DVCC believes that preventing violence in our society begins with the education of children. PeaceWorks works with children from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve, providing tools to help them learn to resolve conflicts peacefully and maintain healthy relationships. PeaceWorks also teaches empathy, tolerance, self-awareness and respect for others.

Our team of professionals has been offering preventive education in classrooms and youth groups throughout the community for over 25 years. All our programs are interactive and age-appropriate, and our material is developed in collaboration with several educational organizations such as the Center for Research on Women at Wellesley College, the University of NEAG Connecticut and Curriculum Southern Poverty Law.


PeaceWorks offers the following:

  • Presentations in the classroom for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • After-school programs.
  • Teenagers working in PeaceWorks lead groups to raise awareness about dating violence in their schools and communities.
  • Educational workshops for teachers and parents.

*Scholarships available based on program needs.

Please call for more information or contact our educators at

Why education for
violence prevention?


In a survey of children in grades 6, 9 and 12 it was reported that childhood exposure to violence* is associated with an increased risk of violence in teen dating.

Middle school is the key to educating young people and their parents about healthy relationships and prevent violence in teen dating relationships. Effective prevention programs also involve youth as promoters and group leaders. These programs can have lasting benefits.

*physical abuse of an adult household, sexual abuse by family members, sexual abuse by a member of the family, or witnessing physical abuse by a family member

PeaceWorks incorporates the initiative of the Centers for Disease Control Prevention of Domestic Violence. The CDC initiative focuses on primary prevention to eliminate interpersonal violence before it occurs. PeaceWorks includes primary prevention as a basic strategy in all its programs, recognizing that social change is a long-term process that requires collaboration at different levels of the community.

Peace Works project incorporates

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