Volunteers are an integral part of the DVCC mission, and their contributions to agency programs and services are invaluable. DVCC offers multiple opportunities for volunteer involvement within the following three categories:

DIRECT SERVICE VOLUNTEERS can choose to work in the following departments: Court and Legal, SustainAbilityCT, SafeHouses, Counseling, Medical Advocacy and EsperanzaCT.  They will be matched in a mutually selective process based on an interview with the director of the department of interest.  They must commit to weekly or bi-weekly hours in a set block of time on a particular day.  Due to the time and mentoring invested by DVCC, Direct Service Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of 50 hours of service annually

PROJECT-BASED VOLUNTEERS will have the opportunity to engage in short-term, more flexible projects on a quarterly basis, and commit to a minimum of 30 hours of service annually.  Examples of projects include SafeHouse makeovers, organizing a movie night or game night for SafeHouse clients, or assisting with activities and gifts for clients around the holidays.  This is a good option for volunteers looking for a more flexible level of commitment.

FRIENDS of DVCC volunteer in areas that do not require direct client contact, such as administrative/office support, fundraising, assisting at health or volunteer fairs, assisting with PeaceWorks programs, working on legislative policy projects, etc.

Due to the sensitive nature of the work and the need for safety and confidentiality, there are screening and training procedures for potential volunteers, as described below.

All potential volunteers must fill out the application form and background check form available on the DVCC and EsperanzaCT websites. They then attend an orientation, where they will learn about the agency, the services DVCC provides and the various volunteer opportunities. Upon completion, they are considered Friends of DVCC.

Volunteers who wish to work in areas that entail direct client contact must complete a 20-hour Certification mandated by the state of Connecticut. DVCC offers this certification twice a year through its Educational Seminar, for a fee of $200. (This fee is refundable upon completion of 50 volunteer hours over the 12 month period immediately following the seminar). Once certified, volunteers may opt for Direct Service or Project-Based volunteer opportunities.

However you decide to volunteer, your generous contribution of time, energy and creativity will be very much appreciated!