Training Advocacy Project (TAP)

Trainings, Seminars and Workshops

The DVCC continually seeks ways to partner with members of the community in the effort to end domestic violence. Community-based initiatives provide awareness and prevention education through programs offered to a wide variety of audiences, including:

Medical Professional Seminars

  • The health effects of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
  • How to appropriately screen for IPV and how to refer when a screen is positive
  • Addressing the comfort barriers of medical professionals and patients when screening
  • Collaborating with the on-site DVCC Medical Advocacy Response Team
  • The importance of safety planning for victims

Law Enforcement Training

  • Identify the elements of Protective Orders, Restraining Orders, and Standing Protective Orders.
  • Identify and explain the key provisions of the federal Violence against Women Act which is part of the Violent Crime Control and Law enforcement Act of 1994.
  • Identify current IPV laws and victim rights
  • Identify behaviors and evidence characteristics of victim’s self-defense in IPV
  • Understanding the ramifications of dual arrests
  • Understanding the role of safety planning for victims

State and Government Organization Presentations

  • How to address the issue of IPV and its effects on the community
  • Training on the issue of IPV
  • Effects of IPV on children

Civic Organizations and Community Agencies

  • The dynamics of IPV
  • Ways organizations and agencies can help make their communities safer
  • How to support and assist victims of IPV

Business and Corporation Presentations

  • How IPV affects employee productivity
  • How to assist employees who may be victims of IPV
  • The cost of IPV on the employer

Faith Communities

  • Educational training on the issue of IPV
  • How the faith community can support victims of IPV in their Congregation
  • The role of the faith community in creating awareness around the issue of IPV

Social Service Organizations

  • How to better assist and support clients of IPV
  • Understanding the importance of safety planning

PTO’s (Parent Teacher Organization)

  • Workshops on bullying, cyber bullying and healthy teen relationships
  • How IPV affects learning capacity and classroom behavior

Education Profession Trainings and Workshops

  • Bullying and cyber bullying: warning signs to look for in bullies and targets, how to encourage bystander participation and responding appropriately to bullies and targets
  • The dynamics of Teen Dating Violence
  • The health effects of abusive relationships on teens
  • How IPV in teen relationships affects classroom behavior and performance

State mandated certification training for community members who wish to be volunteers.

  • 30 hour training enables volunteers to assist with community events and outreach, administrative work, fundraising and childcare
  • Further specialized training enables volunteers to work within the SafeHouses, legal department, Medical Advocacy Project (MAP), PeaceWorks, or the 24-hour hotline
  • For more information on volunteering, please call (203) 588-9100 and ask for the Volunteer Liaison
  • Professional staff development workshops
  • Participation at community events, such as health and volunteer fairs
  • Workshops and seminars for colleges and universities

Domestic Violence Task Forces in Westport, New Canaan, Darien, Wilton and Weston help to expand awareness and prevention efforts through outreach, education, training and advocacy.

For more information on the Training Advocacy Project, please contact  or (203) 588-9100 ext. 118