Teen PeaceWorks

Teen PeaceWorks recognizes the importance of teen leadership and advocacy. It gives teens in area high schools the opportunity to stand up against teen dating violence, an issue that affects so many teens in our communities. The student-led groups raise awareness about the issue of intimate partner violence and the importance of maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships. Teen PeaceWorks activities are facilitated by teens, with PeaceWorks staff available for guidance.

 During October, Domestic Violence Awareness month, and February, Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness month, Teen PeaceWorks groups organize awareness events throughout their schools and communities. Some of their activities include: distributing awareness materials, creating posters, murals, banners and t-shirts with information about intimate partner violence, and creating and airing public service announcements. Teens have also been involved in community-wide forums on cyber bullying and the use and abuse of technology.

 High school students interested in learning more about issues surrounding teen dating violence and intimate partner violence may want to take part in PeaceWorks’ Teen Leadership Advocacy Training: Education into Action. Presented in multiple sessions at the DVCC Stamford office, this training program will facilitate learning about the issue of intimate partner violence through interactive activities. Students will also gain peer leadership skills that encourage teens to spread awareness, educate peers and become advocates on both a local and global level.

 For more information about Teen PeaceWorks, please call PeaceWorks Educators at (203) 588-9100.