Because I Did Not Have The Strength When I Was Being Abused

Why I Am Rising: I am rising now because I did not have the strength, wisdom, or resources during the years I was being abused. Nancy Berkowitz ... Read more

I Will Rise To Raise Awareness

Why I Am Rising: I will rise to raise awareness and empower victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Ernestine Molina ... Read more

Because Too Many Women Suffer in Silence

  Why I Am Rising:I rise because I ‘m a woman.I rise because too many women suffer in silence.  I rise to give voice to this silence.I rise to be acknowledged, to be seen, to be counted.I rise because we are all vulnerable.And I rise because we all need one another to rise. Emily Leventhal ... Read more

I Rise For My Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, Nieces and Myself

Why I Am Rising: I rise to stand in for those who lack the opportunity to rise themselves. I rise for my mothers, aunts, sisters, nieces and myself. I rise because awareness regarding violence against women is a necessity Because it is never the victims fault and we need to understand this as fact, collectively.   I rise because domestic violence issues are your issues, my issues, and theirs. I rise because I am tired of having to walk to my car in fear. I rise because "violence" is more than an eight-letter word to me Because we will never see the change we wish without compassion and empathy.   I rise to display that abuse is everyone’s problem. I rise to display that rape is everyone’s problem. I rise to display that discrimination and hate is everyone’s problem.   H'Vanna Samuels ... Read more

The DVCC One Billion Rising Connecticut Shirts Are Here

The DVCC One Billion Risign Connecticut T-shirts are now available. You can purchase them personalized for by town: Stamford, Norwalk, New Canaan, Darien, Westport, Weston, and Wilton for $22, or without town personalization for $20 from iTownStore ... Read more

Because One in Four Women in US Will Be Sexually Assaulted

Why I Rise: I rise because one in four women in the U.S. will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Alison Puleo ... Read more

To share solidarity with victims of abuse

Why I rise: To share solidarity with victims of abuse, in the hopes that by joining together we will have a greater impact in shedding light and awareness on the subject of violence against women. Rebecca Watson ... Read more

In Honor of Women Who Have Died

Why I Rise: I rise to honor the women who have died.  I rise in respect for the women who are survivors.  I rise in hope for change and an end to violence against us all. Susan Delaney ... Read more

CT Moms Online Rising

We'll continue to Rise with the DVCC as long as there is domestic violence in our community and their services are needed.  As fellow moms and families, we know world peace begins in our own homes. Ct Moms Online ... Read more

One Billion Rising Connecticut

The reasons we rise to demand an end to violence against women and girls are endless. I’ve listed 31 on this website and I could go on and on. But there is one reason I haven’t mentioned that haunts me. It’s the crying. While I don’t speak with or counsel clients on a daily basis like most of our staff, I have interviewed numerous abused women over the years. No matter how courageously or confidently they start out telling me about their experiences, no matter how sensitive I am or how gently I respond, there has been only one instance where there were no tears at some point during the interview. One. Whether the abuse is current or happened years ago in a long-past relationship doesn’t matter. The hurt is so deep, the emotional scars still raw; tears are inevitable. That someone who was supposed to love you could treat you so viciously, that you couldn’t entirely protect your children from the fallout or that you feel somehow at fault because you didn’t understand what was happening – the reasons the tears fall never entirely vanish.  I am rising because there are too many tears. One billion women and girls. ... Read more

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