We Rise To Stop Domestic Violence

I Rise: We rise to stop domestic violence in Connecticut, the USA, and around the Globe.  We will RISE, DANCE, ACT not just on February 14th, 2013, but everyday.   Arianna and Mariella ... Read more

Women Who Are Victims Of Violence Need To Know They Aren’t Alone

Why I Am Rising: Whether I’m using my intuition to care for a child, my backbone to take care of business or my funnybone to have a Sex and the City marathon with my girls, I adore being a woman.  As women, we gather our energy from the heavens and where two or more are together there is power.  Women who are victims of violence need to know they aren’t alone and they are supported.  The thought of one billion begets positive energy and powerful hope that violence against women can be stopped. I am proud to be a woman. I’m even prouder to be hosting this event.   Joyelle Nicole Johnson ... Read more

I Am Rising So That The Courts Will Punish Abusers

Why I Am Rising: I am a victim of Domestic Violence as a result of an assault by my husband that left me with a permanently damage to my eye and nose. He has not been prosecuted. I am rising so that the courts will punish abusers no matter how much money and clout the abuser has. Lynda ... Read more

Rising for Freedom and Peace

Why I Am Rising: For the pain and suffering that has inhibited both freedom and peace for so many and for far too long...and I will continue to rise until I close my eyes. Rachelle Kucera Mehra ... Read more

We Rise For The Future

Why I Am Rising: We rise for awareness. We rise for change. We rise for the future. Marie ... Read more

I Rise For The Courage And Strength Of The Survivors.

Why I Am Rising: I rise For all the untold stories. For the help that came too late. For all those who now, wish they had done or said something to help. For the courage and strength of the survivors. For all the Grand, Great-Grand and Great-Great-Granddaughters, I hope to one day meet. Denise ... Read more

Why I Rise

Why I Rise: I rise to stop the atrocity of domestic violence that will affect 1 in 3  women, daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, and partners in their lifetime in this world.  I, therefore, RISE, DANCE, ACT!!! on February 14th, 2013 with the rest of the world! Alison Buchanan ... Read more

I Am Rising Because I Have To

Why I Am Rising: I am rising because I have to!  To end the domestic violence that occurs around the world everyday....for all those women and daughters, and sisters, and wives, and partners....I stand up and shout  "RISE, DANCE, ACT" Alison Puleo ... Read more

Because Thousands Latino Families Are Affected Anually

Why I Am Rising: I rise because thousands  Latino families are affected anually. I am a witness to how they have to overcome the trauma and many difficulties as consequence of domestic violence. Doris Urteaga ... Read more

I Rise For Those Who Can't

Why I Am Rising: I rise for those silent cries I rise for those who are afraid to I rise for those who can't I rise for those who scream for help I rise for those helpless children I rise for those unreported incidents I rise for those who live in fear I rise because I am your voice.... Maria Alexander ... Read more

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