I Rise For The Hope Not Yet Claimed.

Why I Am Rising: i rise for the harvest of joy. i rise for the hope not yet claimed. i rise for the shouts of joy that are yet to come.   sometimes hope seems to slip through our fingers. my fingers. the more i try to grasp it, the more it slips away.   and then my heart starts to say, it's too hard. there are no answers. not enough time. it's an endless cycle.   when my heart starts to say these things, i have to remember jesus. and his words. and begin to pray, god, make a way where there is no way. redeem where there should be no redemption. give hope where there should be none.   restore our fortunes, o lord. like the watercourses of the negeb. may those who sow in tears, reap with shouts of joy. those who go out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, carrying their sheaves. psalm 126: 4-6   o israel, hope in the Lord! for with him there is steadfast love, and with him there is great power to redeem. it is he who will redeem israel from all it's iniquites. psalm 130: 7   thank you jesus. come with your power. come with your redemption. may we see a harvest of joy. Katie Evans ... Read more

I Rise To Break The Silence

Why I Am Rising: Because everyone has the right to live a life free of violence! Break the silence! Break the cycle! Love should never hurt! ... Read more

Hope That The World Will Be A Better Place For Them

Why I Am Rising: These are my four reasons for rising - it is my deepest hope that the world will be a  better place for them. Jennifer McNamara ... Read more

I Rise Because Every Woman And Girl Has The Right To Be Heard

Why I Am Rising: I rise to give a loud and strong voice to all the women and girls whose voices have been quieted by the fear of not being believed or of being blamed for the violence they have suffered. I rise for all the women and girls who donâEUR(tm)t feel they can ask for help because they don't speak the language or because they have been told they don't belong. I rise because every woman and girl has the right to be heard, believed and helped, because every woman and girl across the world deserves to be safe and because every woman and girl on this plant matters! Claudia ... Read more

Yo Me Levanto Porque Yo Valgo Mucho Como Mujer.

Why I Am Rising: Yo me levanto porque dije vasta a 17 años de abuso físico y psicológico, yo me levanto porque yo valgo mucho como mujer. E P ... Read more

Darle Ejemplo A Las Mujeres Que

Why I Am Rising: Yo me levanto para que personas como âEURoeyoâEUR encuentren la fuerza de poder parar el abuso y darle ejemplo a las mujeres que están siendo abusadas ahora a que tomen la decisión de no dejarse más y salir adelante, si se puede. R C ... Read more

Yo Me Levanto y Doy Gracias Por Ser escuchada Y Consolada

Why I Am Rising: Yo me levanto y  doy gracias por ser escuchada y consolada, por ayudarme a salir de 3 aos de abusos, golpes y humillaciones.  Doy gracias a DVCC por ensenarme que puedo sola, ser fuerte y aconsejar a otras mujeres que al igual que yo son abusadas y decirles que tengan fe que hay un Dios que las ama con amor incondicional. P L ... Read more

I Rise To Breaking The Cycle Of Domestic Violence.

Why I Am Rising: I rise to breaking the cycle of domestic violence.  For all of the sacrifices and pain our past generations endured to keep us safe and give us a better life.  For the cycles my generation has broken to empower our future generations to have healthy relationships and live happy lives. ... Read more

Yo Me Levanto Por Todas Las Mujeres Abusadas En El Mundo

Why I Am Rising: Yo me levanto para no callar ms mi abuso fsico, mental y sexual. Yo me levanto y doy gracias a todas las personas que trabajan en DVCC y que nos ayudan da a da. Yo me levanto por todas las mujeres abusadas en el mundo.  ME LEVANTO S A ... Read more

No Mas Abuso

Why I Am Rising: Yo me levanto para que personas como yo tengan las fuerza de parar la violencia en sus vidas, ya no másâEUR¦me siento una persona más fuerte y esa fuerza la encontr© en el amor a mis hijos.  NO MAS ABUSO D N ... Read more

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