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Lethality Assessment Program And Home Visits

Josie* knew it probably wasn't okay that her boyfriend pushed her around and sometimes called her names, but it didn't seem that bad because he ... Read more

Domestic Violence Docket Courts

Norwalk Docket Court meeting with (left to right) Assistant State's Attorney Justina Moore, Family Relations Counselor Denise Callahan, DVCC Attorney Advocate Allison Roach and Family ... Read more

DVCC Civil Legal Clinics

“Your services are an island of hope and direction to improve a sad and confusing situation.” This is one among hundreds of positive comments by DVCC ... Read more

DVCC Attorneys Take On Dual Arrests & Offender Accountability

Persistence appears to be paying off as DVCC legal advocates forge ahead with their campaign to influence the way the legal system responds to victims ... Read more

DVCC Legal Staff Networks

The DVCC Legal Department recently hosted colleagues from around the state at a lunch meeting in order to initiate discussion on domestic violence and the ... Read more

Civic Legal Clinic

On April 21, the DVCC held its second free civil legal clinic for clients. "Clients keep expressing a significant need for civil legal assistance ... Read more

New Legal Consultation Clinic

On March 17, DVCC launched its latest initiative, a Legal Consultation Clinic for DVCC clients. Five volunteer attorneys met with 16 clients to answer questions ... Read more

Legal Advocates Strive For Systems Change

DVCC's Directors of Court and Legal Services for Stamford and Norwalk, Andrea Dahms and Katie Pawlik, followed up on the get-together with Fox by meeting ... Read more

DVCC Attorney Aids Victims in Civil Court

Obtaining a restraining order against an abuser can be, at best, confusing. At the other end of the spectrum, it can be outright terrifying, especially ... Read more

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