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SustainAbilityCT: Helping Clients Help Themselves

Josie* is a disabled 48-year-old mother of two who discovered she owed more than $100,000 to creditors she had never heard of. Josie's husband is ... Read more


PART I: While any number of barriers may discourage victims of domestic violence from leaving their abusers, survivors frequently cite FINANCIAL ISSUES as a primary ... Read more

Financial Workshop: Your Slice of the Pie

"Maria" is a fictitious victim of domestic abuse created by DVCC Housing and Financial Advocate Katie Evans. Maria's photograph accompanies Evans to the DVCC SafeHouses, ... Read more

Financial Empowerment for DVCC Clients

"I learned how to handle my money, and for the first time learned that I had to handle MY own money - it wasn't ... Read more

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