Page 6 - DVCC Annual Report 2010-2011

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DVCCTeenPeaceWorks groups
in our local schools came up with
some creativeways to raise awareness
about teen dating violence this year,
includingmaking a video andholding
a dance marathon.
clubs at Stamford’s Westhill High
School and Turn of River Middle
School meet weekly to learn about
and discuss issues surrounding teen
dating violence. Both groups are
co-sponsored by Domus and are
facilitated by a DVCC PeaceWorks
educator and a Domus Family
Advocate.Westhill participants raised
funds for their clubby gettingupextra
early on five cold winter mornings
in order to make pot loads of hot
chocolateanddozensof bakedgoods,
which they then sold to their fellow
students before school.
Recently the Westhill teens
deve l oped a pub l i c s e r v i ce
announcement on teen dating
violence, which they then videotaped
with the help of NPeaches, a web-
based group that advocates for
social justice and positive change. A
representative from NPeaches spent
several hours working with the teens
onfilming thePSA, andwill alsoassist
with the editing. DVCC PeaceWorks
educators are looking into ways that
will enable the Westhill and other
Teen PeaceWorks groups to develop
videos in the future.
Teen PeaceWorks at Weston
High School got together in the fall
for a movie screening of Telling
Amy’s Story, about an abused
woman who is murdered by her
partner despite that many people
around her knew about the abuse.
The movie led to a discussion on
intimate partner violence, and then
to brainstorming about the group’s
goals for the coming year. Among
other activities during February,
Teen Dating Violence Awareness
PeaceWorks and the Weston High
School Student Government held a
dance marathon to raise awareness
and funds to be donated to DVCC
and other non-profit agencies.
Teen PeaceWorks Create Awareness
Teen PeaceWorks members at Westhill High School offer hot cocoa and baked goods.
Movie night and discussion for Weston High School students looking to join Teen PeaceWorks.