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DVCC’s website,, has
a whole new look, with a greater wealth
of information, colorful photographs and
interactive features. Our aim is to provide
victims with information and encourage
them to take advantage of our services, to
give everyone a better understanding of
the breadth of our service and advocacy
platforms, and to inspire all to partner with
us in our commitment to promote the right
of individuals to be safe in their personal
relationships. provides comprehensive
information on our agency’s services,
advocacy projects, PeaceWorks education
program, community engagement and
DVCC360. DVCC360 is our latest
undertaking, encompassing Research,
Advocacy, Policy and Partnerships, through
which we advocate for and work toward
systems change that will benefit victims of
intimatepartner violence.DVCCnews stories
offer further updates on our activities, the
calendar shows where we are and what we
are doing on any given day and, in response
to the multi-national nature of our work,
DVCC Has a New Website
In October the DVCC launched
EsperanzaCT, Connecticut’s first Spanish
language website and 24-hour service line
for victims of domestic abuse. Funded by a
grant from the State of Connecticut Judicial
Branch and Office of Victim Services, the
project is a comprehensive, online service
center and round-the-clock service phone
line designed to provide Spanish-speaking
victims of domestic violencewith immediate
access to information and assistance in their
native language.
The undertaking is a response to
the manifest need for broader and more
culturally-appropriate outreach within the
extensive Spanish-speaking communities in
Fairfield County and is in keeping with the
DVCC’s commitment to indentifying and
serving victims of domestic violence where
they are most likely to be found. Through
EsperanzaCT, they are able to have their
concerns addressed and their questions
answered in two ways; via an interactive
website,, or over
the phone by Spanish-speaking Counselor
Advocates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
EsperanzaCT Provides
Assistance in Spanish
the website may be instantly translated into
over 50 different languages via the Google
translation service.
Our goal is to keep you as informed as
possible on what is happening in our towns,
cities and state, with regard to domestic
violence, via daily stories in the media, stories
aboutDVCCprojects, services and initiatives,
policy updates, and legislative platforms.
When you have a moment, please take a
look at and let us knowwhat
you think.
The website describes all of DVCC’s
resources available to victims of domestic
violence, aswell as provides a comprehensive
directory of community services and links to
information thatmay be relevant to a victim’s
particular circumstances. Visitors to the site
can ask a question online, which will be
answered by a counselor within 15 minutes,
and can browse through a list of answers to
frequently asked questions.
Prior to joining DVCC’s Board of
Directors, I served as a certified volunteer
on the DVCC Hotline. Working the Hotline
was such a rewarding experience because it
so clearly demonstrated that we canmeet our
clients’ needs in the most basic way – just by
listening. When our clients come to DVCC,
they learn that they have a voice. In joining
the board, I wanted to help ensure that these
voices continue to be heard. I feel that serv-
ing on DVCC’s board is impactful. We’re not
isolated in a board room somewhere, making
irrelevant decisions. Rather, we are working
to fulfill the agency’s mission and doing our
most basic, best work – listening.
Jennifer Cippoletti
DVCC Board of Directors member since 2007
It gave me time to
think and to create
a plan-while you are
here, you are safe
and you do not have
to rush and then do
something that could
hurt you later.
Wonderful helpful people,
friendly, respectful.
It means a lot to
feel of value.