Page 12 - DVCC Annual Report 2010-2011

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Donate Cell Phones
Your old cell phone can help DVCC.
Since we began collecting old cell phones,
the DVCC has received more than $7,000.
When cell phones are donated to our
agency, we keep a few phones for emer-
gency use by our clients, but the others are
sent to Shelter Alliance, an organization
in Florida that refurbishes and recycles
cell phones and pays us anything from 50
cents to $25 for each phone. Broken and
very old phones have no cash value but are
simply recycled, so our enviroment also
benefits by eliminating those electronic
parts from our landfills. So, if you or your
company has a cell phone or two just
taking up space in your junk drawer, send
them our way! Thank you.
Please bring old cell phones to: DVCC
777 Summer Street, Ste 400
Stamford CT 06901.
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DVCC Needs Your Support.Your gift is vital to helping us carry out our mission.
Please show your support for families in crisis by donating $_____________
Does your employer match your donation? Maximize your gift by contacting your employer’s Human
Resource office for a copy of their matching gift form.
Mail to: DVCC, 777 Summer Street, Ste 400, Stamford CT 06901
777 Summer St Ste 400
Stamford, CT 06901
5 Eversley Ave Ste 303
Norwalk, CT 06851
DVCC is committed to promoting the fundamental right
for all individuals to be safe in their personal relationships.