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This section of the book contains information about the criminal laws related to
family violence and includes discussions about police and arrest, what
happens in court after someone is arrested, protective orders, and victim
services. The laws and court responses are constantly changing. If you want
to know what is likely to happen in court in your situation, you should call a
Family Violence Victim Advocate.
Family Violence Victim Advocates
are staff members
of the local domestic violence agency who work in
the court. Family Violence Victim Advocates are there
to give you information about the court process and
to answer your questions. They can help you
understand what choices are available to you. If
you want them to, Family Violence Victim Advocates
can let the court know what you want to have happen
in the case you are involved with.
Your conversations with a Family Violence Victim Advocate are confidential.
This means an advocate will not tell anyone else what you told her unless you
give her permission to do so or the law requires it.
You can find a brief overview of the whole criminal court process on pages 13-