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Promise to Appear (PTA)-
A promise made by a person who has been arrested
and taken into police custody that he/she will come to all the court hearings in
his/her case.
An attorney who represents the State of Connecticut in criminal
cases by bringing charges against the person accused of committing a crime.
He/she may also be called the "State's Attorney."
Protective Order-
is made by a criminal court judge against a person who was
arrested for stalking or a family violence crime.
Restraining Order-
is made by a civil court judge after a person files an
Application for Relief from Abuse.
Standing Criminal Protective Order
– an order made by a judge against a
person who is convicted of a violent crime.
Suspended sentence –
this means that the person who is convicted does not
have to go to jail as long as he stays out of trouble and follows the judge’s
orders. If the convicted person does not follow the orders he may actually have
to serve time in jail.