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able to collect child support from
him. Both parents are responsible
for the financial support of their
children, even if they are not living
with them or visiting them.
However, child support is often hard
to collect.
If I am getting state welfare, will
the State try to collect child
Yes. The State will usually try to
collect child support from the
non-custodial parent. You may be
able to stop the State from collecting
child support if you have a good
reason. If collecting child support
might put you or your child in
danger call Statewide Legal Services
at 1-800-453-3320 .
How can I get help collecting
child support?
If you are unable or don't want to
hire a lawyer, you can get help from
the State child support system to
establish child support orders and
collect child support. For help and
information about child support,
call the State’s hotline in
Connecticut at 1-800-228-KIDS.