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What can I do if my partner does not obey the judge's orders?
Call the Police
When your partner does not obey the orders he may be committing a crime.
Tell the police that you have a restraining order and be prepared to show
the officer a copy. This may be the best way to make your partner obey the
restraining order. It is especially important to call the police if your partner
is trying to hurt you. See the criminal law section of this
for more
You can file a motion for contempt
You will probably need a lawyer to do this. When someone disobeys an order
of the court they can be held in contempt of court. Under certain
circumstances the person may be fined or put in jail.
A Motion for Contempt for a violation of a restraining order will be scheduled
for a hearing within 5 days of service of the motion upon your partner. Your
partner must have at least 24 hours notice of the hearing. If the judge finds
your partner to be in contempt, the judge can then impose whatever
punishment she or he finds appropriate. This may not make you safer nor give
you the help you need. Your partner may have a right to a lawyer at the
contempt hearing even if you don’t have a lawyer.
If the restraining order is not providing the protection you need, go to a safe
place. Domestic violence shelter programs can help you explore other options.