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The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Inc. (CCADV) is made up
of 18 domestic violence agencies located throughout the state. All of these
member agencies provide safe accommodations for victims of domestic violence
and their children, and counseling and support services for non-sheltered
For over 30 years, CCADV has successfully advocated for increased protection
under the law for victims of family violence and for expanded funding for court-
based and local domestic violence shelter and support services.
CCADV and Greater Hartford Legal Aid (GHLA) formed a collaborative project
under the name “Legal Advocacy Project” to provide CCADV and its member
agencies with access to legal information, research, technical assistance and
training, to provide GHLA with an effective means to advocate for battered
women and other victims of domestic violence on systemic issues.
The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Legal Advocacy
Project are committed to ensuring that family violence victims are provided
clear and useful information about laws designed to protect them and about
the services available to support and assist them. This
grew out of that
commitment. It contains, in simple and direct question-and-answer format,
important information about the state's criminal and civil court remedies for
people experiencing abuse from a family or household member. It also
includes a Resource Directory of state, court and community-based programs.
Because the vast majority of family violence victims are women being abused by
a male partner, we have used "she" to refer to victims, and "he" to refer to
batterers. The information contained in the
, however, is equally
applicable to male family violence victims and to those being abused by a
female family or household member.
is intended to help battered women and other victims of family
violence to use Connecticut's laws and court system to protect themselves and
their children. These laws and services can help family violence victims and
their children who still live with or remain in contact with the abusive family
member. This
is also intended to provide information to advocates and
others responding to family violence that will enhance their ability to help
family violence victims.
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