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Should I get a lawyer even if I
have not been arrested?
If you have the money to hire a
lawyer, it might be a good idea.
Although your lawyer may not be
allowed to talk to the judge in the
criminal case, your lawyer could
help you explain to Family Services
and the prosecutor what you want.
Your lawyer could also help explain
to you what is happening in court,
and how it affects you.
If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer,
you should make sure that the
Family Violence Victim Advocate
and the Family Services Counselor
understand what you want. Also,
ask them to explain to you what is
happening in the case.
Do not
hesitate to ask questions.
Will my partner get an attorney?
If your partner has been arrested
and he is indigent (poor), then he
may have a right to a free
court-appointed lawyer (usually a
public defender). If he is not poor
(according to guidelines that the
public defenders' office uses) he can
either hire an attorney or represent
You should be aware that when you obtain an order of protection from the
legal system in Connecticut, the court clerks enter basic information about
you, the defendant, and the order of protection in a large computer
database. Court personnel will have access to this information. The police
will also have access to some of this information. In addition, the computer
database will automatically send to the State Police information that you
provided about your partner’s guns or gun permits. You should talk to a
Family Violence Victim Advocate if you have any concerns about your
safety or privacy.