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What is Family Services? Do I
have to talk to them?
Family Services is a part of the court
that gathers information for the
court and
then develops
prosecutors and judges about what
should be done in family violence
including whether a
protective order should be issued.
Family Relations Counselors, are
not lawyers; they are more like
investigators who talk to each of the
people involved in the case and try
to get a better idea of what has been
happening and what the court
should do.
You do not have to talk to Family
Services but, if you refuse, the
prosecutor and judge may not know
what you want or what you need. If
you have ideas about how you want
the case handled, you should talk to
a Family Relations Counselor or the
Family Violence Victim Advocate to
make sure your opinion is
If I'm in court, what choices do I
have about my partner’s case?
Even though you are the victim, you
do not have control over his case.
The prosecutor and judge make the
decisions. They may, however, want
to know what you want to have
happen. Do you want him to go to
jail? Does he need counseling or
drug/alcohol treatment? Do you
need to keep him away from you?
Keep away from your children? Do
you want him to attend the Family
Violence Education Program? It may
be difficult to decide what is best for
you and your family. The Family
Violence Victim Advocate can give
you information that will help you
understand all your options.
When you think about what you
want the court to do, you should
remember that your partner may
not be "changed" by the judge's
orders. If the judge tells him to stay
away from you, he might come to
your home anyway (you can call the
police and tell the prosecutor if he
does). If the judge orders him to
attend counseling, he may or may
not attend the sessions and he
might still be violent or abusive.
Although the judge won't necessarily
do what you want, you have a much
better chance of getting what you
want if you talk to the Family
Violence Victim Advocate and a
Family Relations Counselor.
If I don’t go to court, how can I
find out what is happening with
my partner’s case?
There are several ways that you can
find out what is happening in court.
First, you could call a Family
Violence Victim Advocate to ask
about the case. You could also
request updates by registering with
a service provided by the
Connecticut Judicial Branch called
Connecticut Statewide Automated
Victim Information and Notification
(CT SAVIN). For more for more
information about CT SAVIN call
1.877.846.3428. In addition, you
may wish to consult the webpage for
The Judicial Branch at
Click on the link,
“Case Look-up” to find information
about your partner’s case.