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further immediate violence.
What can I do if I want my
partner arrested and the police
won't arrest him?
If the police feel they do not have
enough evidence to arrest your
partner, they must inform you of
your right to file a statement
requesting an arrest warrant. To
give a statement, you may have to
go to the police station, and explain
that you want to make a written
complaint against your partner;
after the police type it up, you must
sign the statement under oath. If
the police are still unwilling to ask
the prosecutor for an arrest
warrant, you should contact the
local domestic violence agency for
I am an immigrant. Will the
police still help me if my partner
is violent towards me?
Yes. Connecticut’s family violence
laws apply to all people regardless of
their immigration status. The police
should respond in the same way
that they would at the scene of any
family violence crime.
Your immigration status and the
status of your partner should not
have any effect on whether the
police decide to arrest your partner
for a family violence crime.