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Camp Scholarships Needed

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One of the priorities of DVCC shelter staff is finding ways to "normalize" life as much as possible for children staying at the shelters. This becomes an even greater challenge during the summer, when school is out. Cyndy Goldberg, the Stamford shelter manager, and Ana Escalante, the shelter child advocate, have begun their annual search for camp scholarships that will allow children living in the shelter over the summer to attend camp.

"This is such a great opportunity for them," said Ana. "They have activities all day, have lunch, have fun and come back happy. It is also something that is very normal."

Cyndy noted that having their children in camp gives mothers the time to take care of their own immediate needs, such as looking for jobs and permanent housing, dealing with divorce issues or meeting with a counselor. DVCC shelter staff also try to assist women who are about to leave or have recently left the shelter with finding camp scholarships for their children.