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Facelift for Norwalk Safehouse

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Three Mitzvah Day volunteers Our Norwalk SafeHouse has been the recent beneficiary of a much needed facelift thanks to two groups of hard working volunteers. A Mitzvah (Good Works) Day team of about 20 teens and adults from area synagogues spent two days in May working to improve the property externally. The volunteers created and planted new gardens, repaired the fence, cleaned up the playground, improved the outdoor lighting and made two new picnic tables. On top of that, they donated books and luggage bags filled with goodiess

In late June, a group of nearly 30 volunteers from the Pepperidge Farm Company swept into the SafeHouse bearing cans of paint, brushes and rollers. In well-organized teams, they moved furniture, painted neatly and efficiently, cleaned up and put the furniture back in place. The result is a lovely new color and finish for each room. The next week they returned to replace bedding, curtains, lighting and other décor where needed. At the end of the painting day on June 20th, two of the SafeHouse residents sat on the front steps and serenaded the departing workers with a rendition of Kumbya. So since we can't call these wonderful volunteers unsung heroes, we'll just call them heroes.