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The Stamford and Norwalk SafeHouses are extremely busy and continue to operate at capacity most days, according to DVCC SafeHouse staff.

 "We've had a whole new group of residents since just after the holidays, with six new women and nine children, so we're really busy with school enrollments and everything that entails," said Karyn Miller, Counselor Advocate at the Norwalk SafeHouse. "We've even had three birthday cakes in that time!" (A local baker provides cakes for the children who celebrate birthdays while living at the SafeHouse.)

Community outreach, partnerships and ongoing inter-office referrals are proving beneficial to SafeHouse residents as well. According to Miller, a number of women were referred to DVCC by the Norwalk Community Health Center, with whom we partner and provide trainings; residents are utilizing services at Person-to-Person in Darien; one client recently worked with Outreach to Pets in Need, a DVCC partner, so that her dog could go into foster care while she was in the SafeHouse; and numerous clients are seeking restraining orders with the help of DVCC's staff attorney in Stamford Civil Court.

The fact that increasing numbers of victims continue to seek services from DVCC is attested to by the results of an annual one-day survey of domestic violence programs across the United States. The recently released results showed that 1,125 victims in Connecticut used shelter and other services over a 24-hour period on September 15, 2010 - the highest number in the last four years the survey was taken. Across the nation, 70,000 victims sought help during that time frame.