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DVCC Congratulates Rachel Hathaway

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Congratulations to Darien High School senior Rachel Hathaway whose insightful and beautifully written essay on interpersonal violence was awarded first place in the Young Women's Leadership Program's (YWLP) 2010 essay contest. YWLP is a project of the Connecticut General Assembly's Permanent Commission on the Status of Women and is the leading networking and leadership program for women ages 18 - 35 in the state. Dozens of 12th grade students from across Connecticut submitted essays in response to the question: "What is the most pressing issue facing young women today and how do you see yourself having an impact on this issue?" 

Rachel, who is a DVCC certified volunteer and co-president of Teen PeaceWorks at Darien High School, wrote about the impact of interpersonal violence and then described her experiences working with children of clients who receive services at DVCC and her experiences with Teen PeaceWorks. The following is an excerpt from the end of her essay.

"While it is sometimes difficult to put forth time and effort with very few visible immediate results, the thought that educating people about the cause for which I choose to fight could lead to even one less person being abused is reason to keep planning meetings, setting up fundraisers and making just one more statistic poster. The idea that maybe something I teach will strike a chord and help someone escape an abusive relationship is reason enough to keep finding ways to get information to those who constantly push it aside."