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Health Fair for Our Clients

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Another collaborative effort a few weeks earlier offered wellness screening and health care information to DVCC clients. As part of the DVCC’s Medical Advocacy Project’s work to partner with the medical community in order to provide better health services to victims of domestic violence, eight students from the Masters Entry Into NursingProgram at the University of Connecticut’s Stamford campus and their supervisors held a Wellness Fair and Health Clinic at the Norwalk and Stamford SafeHouses on May 26. The fair, which was offered to SafeHouse residents and DVCC counseling clients, included blood pressure screenings and presentations on sexually transmitted diseases, personal hygiene and stress. Advice and discussions during the three hour event also included diet and nutrition and dental care.


“Clients told me how much they appreciated this opportunity,” said MAP Director Susan Delaney. “They came away feeling much more informed.”


Delaney said she is working toward providing health presentations on a regular basis to members of DVCC support groups and SafeHouse residents.