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DVCC Attorney Aids Victims in Civil Court

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Obtaining a restraining order against an abuser can be, at best, confusing. At the other end of the spectrum, it can be outright terrifying, especially when the victim has to verbalize the reasons for needing a restraining order in open court. DVCC attorney Gladys Nieves believes one of her biggest contributions to victims of domestic violence is the ability to negotiate restraining order agreements, thus eliminating the need for oral testimony.

"For many reasons, most clients are not going to be able to negotiate agreements with their abuser or their abuser's attorney, so they will need to testify during the hearing to determine the outcome of the restraining order," she said.

A practicing attorney for over 10 years, Nieves has a strong background in family law and advocating for children's rights. She joined the DVCC in early December as a staff attorney and can be found working on behalf of victims who need restraining orders or who have questions about custody, divorce, property and other family law matters. Nieves also coordinates with Connecticut Legal Services and private law firms to provide legal representation for clients.