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Counseling News

DVCC Support Groups

The questions and exchange of ideas between the four women flowed steadily. One smiled and nodded knowingly, another gently offered ... Read more

EsperanzaCT News

EsperanzaCT Workshops At DVCC

Tentative smiles and nervous giggles punctuated the atmosphere around the table as DVCC volunteer Ruth Freedman encouraged the nine Hispanic ... Read more

SafeHouse News

Thank You

A special thank you from the DVCC to all who so generously have supported us and those we serve throughout ... Read more


Medical Advocacy Project

In accordance with DVCC's partnership with Stamford Hospital, formal MAP trainings for hospital staff in recognizing and assisting patients who ... Read more

Safety Planning

Stalking and Technology

More and more attention is being paid to the dangers of cyber stalking and the use of technology to monitor ... Read more


DVCC Volunteers

DVCC’s volunteers are an integral part of the agency’s commitment to serve victims of domestic violence. The role they play ... Read more

Educational Advocacy News

DVCC Educational Seminar Begins in September

DVCC will offer its next Educational Seminar for prospective volunteers and other interested parties starting September15. The 30-hour course provides ... Read more

Financial Advocacy News

SustainAbilityCT: Helping Clients Help Themselves

Josie* is a disabled 48-year-old mother of two who discovered she owed more than $100,000 to creditors she had never ... Read more