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Latino Networking Luncheon

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As part of DVCC's commitment to partnering with the community in order to better serve our clients, we recently hosted a luncheon for 37 people who serve the Latino community in a variety of ways. The Latino Networking Luncheon on June 11 was organized with the dual purpose of strengthening relationships with other social service agencies, legal organizations, police departments and medical service providers and exchanging ideas on how to provide more effective services to the Latino community. Attendees included social workers, lawyers, program directors, outreach workers and police officers.

Doris Urteaga, DVCC's Coordinator of Spanish Speaking Services and the luncheon organizer, and Nancy Berkowitz, DVCC Counseling Coordinator, spoke to the group about counseling and support group services. Other DVCC staff spoke about the SafeHouses, the Medical Advocacy and PeaceWorks Projects and DVCC's legal services in the criminal and civil courts. Each attendee reciprocated with brief presentations about their organizations.
"This was a very successful and productive event," Urteaga said. "It's an excellent way to strengthen relations with other organizations in order to improve services within the Latino community."