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Community Outreach

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DVCC's Spanish Services Coordinator, Doris Urteaga, recently ran two workshops for parents of children who attend a Head Start program in Norwalk. Entitled Peaceful Families, the workshops were geared toward helping young Hispanic parents understand more about problems within interpersonal relationships. Urteaga discussed how to recognize signs that a relationship was abusive, emphasized that there are many different types of abuse other than physical and talked about the ways in which children are affected by violence and abuse between adults in the home.

"Many people thought that domestic violence was just physical," Urteaga said. "They began to understand that ongoing and escalating behavior that is controlling, possessive or attempts to isolate the other person is also abuse."

Each workshop was attended by between 35 and 40 people, some of whom have now joined Urteaga's weekly support groups at the Norwalk office.