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DVCC Meets With Local Legislators

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As part of our ongoing effort to partner with local legislators and community leaders, DVCC staff recently met with Representative Gerald Fox in order to provide him with updates about the agency and to discuss the recommendations proposed by House Speaker Christopher Donovan's Task Force on Domestic Violence. Rep. Fox was informed about the significant changes in DVCC's legal program, including the addition of two staff members with legal backgrounds and one staff lawyer who provides information and representation to victims needing restraining orders; the  improvements in communication and interaction between legal staff and counselors, resulting in better advocacy for clients; the status of the new Medical Advocacy Project; and the reactions of SafeHouse residents to the around-the-clock staffing now in place at the Norwalk SafeHouse. DVCC staff emphasized several specific areas needing legislative attention, starting with the 24/7 funding for all shelters across the state. Noting that the DVCC's two SafeHouses were almost always at or over capacity, SafeHouse Director Cyndy Goldberg said that residents in the Norwalk shelter were thrilled that a staff member was on site to assist or talk at any hour.

"The response from residents has been amazing," she said. "We look at 24/7 staffing from an operational and safety standpoint. The residents look at it from the standpoint of having someone to talk to whenever they are concerned, upset or just need reassurance."