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Thanks For Your Support

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During this holiday season, DVCC would like to thank our eVoices readers for your interest and support throughout the year. Because our clients are the day-to-day beneficiaries of assistance from DVCC donors, volunteers and community partners, we thought you would like to see what a few of them had to say about why coming to the DVCC over the past year was a good idea. The following are direct quotes from clients when asked, "What was the most helpful part of being at DVCC?"


"Understanding from a professional that this is, in fact, an abusive relationship and that my fear is justified."


"Helping me to understand that I did the right thing and that I am in the right place to help put my life back together."


"Knowing I am not alone and the things I am going through are common with other women's situations. Being reassured that I'm not crazy, although I am made to feel that way (by my abuser)."


"My questions (to DVCC legal staff) were answered in a timely manner and with great results."


"The attorney I met with was awesome; the entire staff was organized, friendly and professional."


DVCC clients and staff extend our heartfelt thanks and wishes for a peaceful New Year to everyone.