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New DVCC Supporter Directs V-Day Norwalk To Benefit Agency

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The DVCC is very fortunate to have ongoing and devoted support from hundreds of people throughout the year. But then every so often, someone appears out of the blue and asks if they can help. It was just the case with Juliana Kenny, a young woman from Norwalk who has been involved in community theater for years and who took it upon herself to offer up a production of The Vagina Monologues last April to benefit the DVCC. V-Day benefits are held around the world each year to raise funds and awareness in the ongoing campaign to end violence against women. Juliana said she was compelled and inspired to be a part of the V-Day movement.


“We live in a world and a time where women’s bodies are constantly under attack, whether it be in a war-torn region of Africa, through legislative proceedings in the U.S., or in misogynistic rants by popular media personalities,” she said. “V-Day is trying to change that. I, along with other concerned members of this planet, am trying to change that. As a woman, as a thinker, as a participant in this world, I have to believe that we can change that.”


With the help of Stamford resident Tamare Wolf, who produced the show, Juliana took time out from her day job as a managing editor for Technology Marketing Corporation to organize the event and direct the 18 women who performed monologues from Eve Ensler’s award-winning play at The Carriage House Arts Center in Norwalk’s Cranbury Park. When tickets for the two scheduled performances quickly sold out, organizers added a third performance, which also sold out! Thanks to the many hours of hard work by Juliana and Tamare and their cast and crew, the standing-room-only production raised over $5,300 for the DVCC!


To all of our supporters, whether you have been with us for years or just joined our family, we couldn’t do what we do without you.