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Creative Community Events Benefit DVCC Clients

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Supporters across our communities created and collected a wide variety of fabulous items for DVCC clients and SafeHouse residents during February. Employees at Stamford Hospital held a "Valentines for Valor" event, during which hospital staff and DVCC staff and volunteers piled unsigned valentines and information about domestic violence on tables at three locations throughout the hospital complex. Passersby stopped to decorate and write messages on the valentines, as well as learn more about the partnership between Stamford Hospital and the DVCC's Medical Advocacy Project to better identify and assist patients who are victims of intimate partner violence. Hospital staff also donated warm "snuggie" blankets and colorful socks and other goodies to be attached to the valentines and given to DVCC SafeHouse residents and their children. Over the course of the 90 minute event on February 10, people who passed by the tables wrote a total of 186 valentines for women and children affected by domestic violence!

 Another Valentine's Day event was staged by Zumba instructor Michele Ayoub, who held a special evening Zumba class in New Canaan to raise awareness about intimate partner violence and collect Valentine chocolates for SafeHouse residents. DVCC staff members Susan Delaney and Nancy Berkowitz courageously took part in the strenuous hour long class and then left with a gigantic bin of chocolates. And, yes, they did distribute the candy to the SafeHouses the next day.

A third very generous donation in February came from the Women of Calvary, a women's organization within the Calvary Baptist Church in Darien, who collected and donated hundreds of toiletries and linen items for the DVCC SafeHouses. Over 30 shower totes were filled with beautifully arranged toiletry items and another 30 giant size totes held pillows and blankets, always much needed and appreciated items for our SafeHouses.

 "The generosity of people and organizations throughout our communities is overwhelming," said DVCC SafeHouse Director Cyndy Goldberg. "You can't imagine the look on the faces of the residents and children in our SafeHouses when we come in with these wonderful items and gifts."