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Thanks for the Gifts

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Weston resident and architect Pat Miller hosted her sixth annual "Girl's Nite Swim" this past July to raise funds and awareness for the DVCC. Pat and 27 other women donated $750 to the DVCC's SafeHouses to help provide fun summer activities for residents. Pat came up with the idea of inviting women to join in for an evening of conversation, refreshments and relaxation around her pool in 2004 and has been hosting the event for the DVCC ever since.

Cell Phones

Thanks to the generosity of Time Warner Cable, the DVCC has many, many new Sprint cell phones that we can give to women and families as an additional safety measure. The phones link directly to 911, giving someone who is in a dangerous situation fast access to the police. Phones are given out by our victim advocates in the courts, SafeHouse staff and counselors.