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Making A Difference

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The depth, breadth and consistency of support the DVCC receives from the community is astounding. For example, several what might be termed "quality of life" contributions added pleasure and enjoyment to the SafeHouse residents' stay over the summer.
The first was a contribution by the Norwalk Maritime Center, through its Children's Opportunity Fund, which provides support to families who would not otherwise be able to visit the Center. On a Saturday in August, seven children and two moms who were staying at the SafeHouse, along with DVCC staff member O.J. Beaudoin, spent several hours touring the Maritime Center and watching the IMAX movie.
"I had a superb time at the Maritime Aquarium," one youngster wrote in a thank you letter to the Center. "The sea otter was cool and my experience with the sting rays was also cool, the way you put them on display and let people touch and pet them and also removed their stingers so no one would get hurt. I really liked the movie. I never knew the sea was so full of life or that we depended on it for our own lives so much. I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at the Maritime Aquarium."
O.J. agreed that it was a very special day spent with Maritime Center staff members who were not only informative, but "really, really nice".
The second act of generosity came from Angela Mia, the Italian bakery on Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk. When Angela Mia's owner heard that a child in the Norwalk SafeHouse was celebrating a birthday without a cake, he sent over one of the bakery's beautiful confections to honor the day. He also offered to continue supplying cakes whenever a youngster in the SafeHouse has a birthday!
And a third contribution came from Weston resident and architect Pat Miller, who hosted her seventh annual "Girls' Nite Swim" to raise funds and awareness for the DVCC.  Pat and over 40 of her friends donated $1,200 to help provide fun summer activities for SafeHouse residents. Pat came up with the idea of inviting women to join in for an evening of conversation, refreshments and relaxation around her pool in 2004 and has been hosting the event for DVCC ever since. 

Participants in Pat Miller's Girls' Nite Swim
These thoughtful contributions are just a few of the many we receive throughout the year from community organizations, businesses and individuals, including children, teenagers and adults. Each one touches a life in some way. Living in a SafeHouse away from familiarity and friends, even for a short time, is not on any child's wish list. But it is unlikely they will forget the happiness associated with a special birthday cake or a day spent touring the aquarium.