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Staff Crossover

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The DVCC has worked over the last two years to integrate our comprehensive services in order to ensure that we advocate for victims and their children along every step of their journey toward a life without violence. We have sent our counselors into the courthouses to establish more immediate and personal contact with victims in the legal system. We have made sure our court advocates spend a part of every day in the office so that they can more readily share information about client needs with other DVCC staff members. Counselors have created special in-house programs and classes for SafeHouse residents, and a Child Advocate from the Norwalk SafeHouse helps with the children of parents who come in for counseling. One overwhelming result of the crossover of services has been an increase in court clients asking for counseling help. One DVCC Counseling Advocate reported at a recent staff meeting that over the last three days, she had counseled 17 women.