Board of Directors

Carolyn Ryzewicz (President), Norwalk, CT

Jennifer Cippoletti (Co-Vice President), Darien, CT

Lisa Goldstein (Co-Vice President), Norwalk, CT

Sandy Nathan (Secretary), Westport, CT

Marco Cruz (Treasurer), Stamford, CT

Brian Allen, Norwalk, CT

Ellen Christian, New Canaan, CT

Linda Clair, Westport, CT

Maryellen Frank, Norwalk, CT

Dorothy Nevas Freedman, Weston, CT

Valerie Held, Westport, CT

Wendy Herrick, Rowayton, CT

Eric Higgins, Stamford, CT

Lindsay Sheehy, Wilton, CT

Yvette Maitland-Vargas, Stamford, CT

Denise Mangano, Stamford, CT

Christina McIntyre, Riverside, CT

John Watkins, Stamford, CT




Jennifer Cippoletti, Co-Vice President DVCC Board of Directors member since 2007

“Prior to my joining DVCC’s Board of Directors, I served as a certified volunteer on the DVCC Hotline.  Working the Hotline was such a rewarding experience because it so clearly demonstrated that we can meet our clients’ needs in the most basic way – just by listening.  When our clients come to DVCC, they learn that they have a voice.  In joining the board, I wanted to help ensure that these voices continue to be heard.  I feel that serving on DVCC’s board is impactful.  We’re not isolated in a board room somewhere, making irrelevant decisions.  Rather, we are working to fulfill the agency’s mission and doing our most basic, best work – listening.”

Sandy Nathan, SecretaryDVCC Board of Directors member since 2006

“Having spent the better part of my adult life working, raising a family and eventually running my own business, the time I had available to contribute to my community was limited.  I always supported DVCC by attending the spring luncheon and in other small ways which fit into my schedule. However I knew that when I retired, DVCC would be one of the organizations to which I would contribute my energy.

The services DVCC offers to those whose lives have been disrupted and endangered by family members or partners they thought they could respect and trust are essential and life-saving.  I am proud to have been asked to intensify my involvement by becoming a member of the DVCC Board of Directors.  It is not a commitment I take lightly and it involves many hours of work - sometimes as many as I previously devoted to my business. However the results are certainly worth the effort.  I serve as head of the Development Committee, which drives our fundraising efforts and, in the process, helps introduce people to our mission. I consider myself blessed to have a wonderful support system in my life, the linch pin of which has been an incredible husband. Perhaps because I have been so fortunate, I am driven to help those to whom life has been less generous.” 


Marco Cruz, Treasurer DVCC Board of Directors member since 2009

“I became a member of DVCC’s board of directors out of a desire to serve and give back to the community. I currently serve on the Finance Committee and participate in as many DVCC activities as possible. During my years as the Manager of Global Security for a large corporation, I came into contact with employees who were victims of domestic violence. From them I learned about the anguish, isolation, shame, and emotional and financial devastation they so often endure. Over the last three and a half years as a board member, I have continually been impressed by the wonderful job the agency does providing safe shelter to victims and their children, nurturing them and empowering them to take control over their own lives. It is scary to think what would happen to these victims if DVCC was not here.”


Carolyn Ryzewicz, President DVCC Board of Directors member since 2000

 “During this past decade I have been actively involved in a wide variety of capacities as a member of the DVCC’s Board of Directors.  I served as secretary and then vice president. I was on three executive director search committees and on two committees to revise the board’s by-laws, and have been a member of the strategic planning committee and the development committee.  

There is no doubt that over the years, as the DVCC has grown in stature and professionalism, more and more people seek out its services. Even the number of services continues to expand as the agency responds to the increasing needs of its clients. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be president of the board of directors at such an important time in the history of this dynamic agency.”